Dot Net Computer Educational Society

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About DNCI

DNCI Computer Institute is committed to customer satisfaction. In the past 10 years , we have created a very friendly learning environment with the latest computer hardware and software technologies. Thousands of parents have sent their children to Computer Institute for learning computer languages..We offer hundreds of courses in computer application & certifications. Instructor-led classes are available for any courses. You can learn the skills for becoming an Web Designer & Developer (Webmaster) by taking courses such as Dreamweaver, HTML/XML, Photoshop, Flash, ColdFusion, Java Scripts/ Java Programming and Active Server Pages (ASP.NET). we take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about you already know information technology which is a faster growing field these days, computers are getting everywhere in the life of a common man, be it an office,small trading concerns , large industrial and business houses , medicines hotels, air/rail services, fun parks, advertising , banking, post production works, of audiovisual media, fashion designing, science and technology, schools/ colleges etc. there is not even a single area left where you will not find computer around.Computer are a wonderful world whereby you simply come and immediately fall in love with them. It is an intelligent machine yet it is the human part or the liveware as it is called which makes it intelligent while working on a job. Learning computer is so much fun that most of the people just forget what is happening around and start thinking of computers all the time… Every person has a creative person inside and a desire to achieve newer, greater heights. It is the desire which helps him succeed in today world of cut throat competition. Remember, it takes only a bit extra to EXCEL and we at DNCI helps our students prepare for all round excellence in computing world. So don’t miss the golden opportunity BEST WISHES FOR HAPPY COMPUTING AND A SUCCESSFUL CAREER

DNCI - ( Director )