Dot Net Computer Educational Society

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Our Courses

TYPING MASTER                                    3 Month

OFFICE MANAGEMENT COURSE                3 Month 

(i) Introduction of Hardware

(ii) Word Pad

(iii) Paint

(iv) Word Processing Package Using Ms-Word
(v) Spread Sheet Application Using Ms-Excel

(vi) Presentation Package Using Ms-PowerPoint

DESK TOP PUBLICING (DTP)                     3 Month 

(i) Hindi & English Typing

(ii) Designing Package of PageMaker

(iii) Designing Package of Coral
(iv) Picture Package of Photoshop

ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE TALLY                3 Month 

(i) Tally 9

(ii) Types of vouchers and ledgers

(iii) Taxes TDS, FBT, Vat

(iv) Data Entry

(v) Profit & Loss A/C

(vi) Balance Sheet & Order Processing


                                                          6 Month 

(i) Introduction of Hardware

(ii) Disk Operating System

(iii) Office Management Course with project work
(iv) Windows (Wordpad, Paint, Entertainment)

(v) Language

(vi) Internet


(i) Office Management Course

(ii) Tally With New Versions  OR  DTP

HARDWARE COURSE                                6 Month 

(i) Basic Electronics

(ii) Computer Assembling

(iii) Installation of OS

(iv) Concept of Networking

DIPLOMA IN ONE YEAR                            12 Month 

(i) Introduction to Hardware

(ii) Disk Operating System

(iii) Office Management Course
(iv) Desk Top Publishing

(v) Language C & C++, HTML

(vi) Accounting Software
(vii) Windows (Wordpad, Paint, Entertainment)

(viii) Networking

(ix) Internet

PROGRAMMING PACKAGE                         2 Month 

(i) Basic Programming Concept

(ii) C, C++

(iii) FoxPro

SHORT TERM PACKAGE                            1 Month 

(i) Word
(ii) PhotoShop
(iii) FrontPage

INTERNET                                              10 Days 

(i) Introduction to Internet

(ii) E-Mail Client Software

(iii) Google Chrome

(iv) Downloading